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Proud Double Age Confidence Serum 50 ML.


Proud Double Age Confidence Serum 50 ML.



We can’t stop aging

But serum can slow down …

You may be surprised the collagen, a protein that helps the skin firm

Began to rapidly diminish during your teenage years

By seeing wrinkles and small wrinkles of the skin during the age of 25 years

(Wrinkle Baby)

On genetics and related to age development

Of course, with quality skin care

a way that can change what happens from age

Serum focuses on aging attacks

Go back to the youth immediately

So your skin appears younger

Bright, glowing!

PROUD Double Age Confidence Serum

big size 50 ml.

a small wrinkle

Often appear in areas where the skin has repeated movements

The lines will become deeper and clear over time

Can be seen clearly at

Around the eyes to the tail cheek and mouth corner

Upgrade your skin care serum …

Start using if you haven’t used it yet!

Important ingredient

+ Growth Factor to create new collagen and elastin

(Imported from America)

Anti-aging ingredients

That destroys daily damage from free radicals, accelerates wrinkles

+ Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer soft skin

Hyaluronic secret weapons act as natural Humectant

Draws moisture into the skin

Plump skin, reducing skin line

Who should use …

+ Available for both men and women

+ Start wrinkles

+ Lack of skin care, dryness

+ For smooth skin and tighten pores

Anti-aging formula for ages 25 and older up

Start skin care before

deep wrinkles may appear before late

How to use

Use after cleansing the face

Dry the water

Apply 4 serum points

+ 2 cheeks

+ Forehead

+ Chin

Spread over the face the chin and

The neck to the chest (under the neck)

Used at night before night cream, making the skin more smooth

Because your skin loses its natural moisture while you sleep

Use in the morning before using sunscreen to help reduce dryness

For smooth, lifted skin

The result

+ Younger looking face

+ Smooth skin

+ Wrinkles look reduction

+ Good skin healthy

+ Keeping moisture throughout the day and night

+ Tighten pores

Value for money, can be used for 3 months

FDA No. 10-1-6200002856

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 3.8 × 3.8 × 12.5 cm


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